I've been planning meals and cooking for a long time. From sharing an apartment with roommates, to living on my own, through raising a family and now empty nesting, I've taken great joy in making food for family, friends, and strangers, too. Food is my passion.

When my daughter left the nest, I found myself struggling to get back into the discipline of planning meals and cooking for one. It took a while, and I made plenty of mistakes resulting in wasted food, money, and time. But eventually I found my stride.

Why Meal Planning for One?
I started Meal Planning for One to share what I've learned not only with fellow empty nesters who are living alone, but also with young people starting out on their own. That's a very exciting time, having a first apartment or house of your own. It's also challenging, especially when it comes to eating well within a budget.

My hope is that you will find worth in these pages and also share your experiences here with others who are looking to achieve a healthy balance between eating well and enjoying life to its fullest, a balance where eating well is a pleasure, never a burden.

Sherri is an editor, writer, and corporate communications consultant. When not wearing her business hat, she writes articles on culinary arts, the science of food, cooking, and meal planning. Sherri is also a part of her family's business, Sally's Trove, and writes about food, gardening, and social issues at HubPages.com under the name Sally's Trove.