Friday, April 20, 2012

From the Toaster Oven: English Muffin Ham and Swiss Sandwich with Red Grapes

By Guest Writer Michelle PG Richardson (aka Frieda Babbley)

A simple sandwich paired with fruit can be
just what your body needs for lunch time.
In the world of lunch for one, plopping together a sandwich is a common act.  Pairing that sandwich with chips is just as common. Sometimes this is all we want or need, and that’s fine.  But we all know that it’s good to treat yourself to a sandwich that can wow you and a side that gives you a bit more than a handful of chips has to offer.  A warm homemade sandwich like this English muffin ham and Swiss with a side of grapes is sure to hit the spot and give you a variety of nutrients to boot.

What You'll Need

  • English muffin - I like to use an original Thomas’ English Muffin (or you could try the whole wheat version)
  • Butter and a butter knife - for spreading
  • Ham - plain, smoked, honey cured, or low sodium is fine to use
  • Cheese - Swiss, baby Swiss, or provolone (remember, low sodium is available)
  • Fruits and vegetables as a filling or as a side - a good variety is listed below
  • Dollop of your choice of condiment - mayo, Dijon, ranch or honey mustard dressing
  • Oven set to 250 F or toaster oven set to toast - a toaster oven works faster, more efficiently, and uses up less energy

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chef and Writer Joe Yonan Makes Cooking for One an Adventure

Joe Yonan is Food and Travel editor for The Washington Post where he writes the column "Cooking for One." His popular book, Serve Yourself: Nightly Adventures in Cooking for One, is a delightful sojourn into the world of cooking for one, not only because of the book's recipes, sound cooking advice, and encouraging words for those of us who cook primarily for ourselves, but also because of its engaging writing and thoughtful reflection.

I learned about Mr. Yonan's book while listening to one of my favorite radio shows, Splendid Table, from American Public Media. Host Lynn Rossetto Kasper interviewed the chef and journalist and put together a short but powerful five-minute bite that led me right to devouring his book. (The April 7 Splendid Table interview begins at the 27-minute mark.)